Now that they are becoming increasingly popular, we can choose from a variety of hot pots – from the traditional copper hot pots, regular pots accompanied by a table top butane burner, to electric hot pots. This guide covers electric hot pots and helps you choose the best for your needs!

How to choose the right electric hot pot?

Here are some of important points to have in mind when choosing a shabu-shabu hot pot:

  • Shape. You can choose between a divided and undivided pot. Divided pot will let you make two completely different hot pot meals at the same time.
  • Size and depth. Depending on how many people you usually host, choose a hot pot with capacity to feed all.
  • Material. Whether you opt for stainless steel or ceramic titanium, you may want your dish to have non-stick coating for easy cleaning. If there is no such coating, cleaning may require some scrubbing.
  • Handles. As the hot pot will be placed on a table surrounded by people, you want it to be as safe as possible. Check the handles and see if they are non-slip and heat resistant.
  • Adjustable temperature control. Take a look at the temperature options your electric hot pot offers. You should be able to boil, simmer and warm food in it.
  • Power cord can be detachable or undetachable. Although you will need your hot pot plugged in during the course of a dinner, a pot with detachable cord may be easier to store and clean.
  • Lid. You don’t need a lid to make a hot pot meal, but it can help cook food faster, and it is best if the lid is made of tempered glass and contains a heat resistant handle.

Additional details that high-quality electric hot pots can surprise you with are the following:

  • a removable BBQ grill, which is amazing because they allow you to grill shrimp or vegetables while waiting for your shabu-shabu to cook,
  • a removable inner pan that you may use for purposes other than hot pot cooking,
  • a steam rack for more healthy food choices, and
  • a mesh strainer to pick your food easily.

Another thing you should consider is this – is the hot pot easy to disassemble? Being easy to disassemble may come in handy when cleaning it. Before attempting to wash your electric hot pot, check whether its components are dishwasher safe. Those that are not should be cleaned properly.

After picking your ideal electric hot pot, you should consider buying utensils that go with it – chopsticks, strainer scoops and ladles.