A company on Kickstarter are currently funding for a running shoe that could change how running shoes are made forever. What is actually important is that they have a ridiculously good idea.

Running shoes need to be tough, durable, and yet soft and comfortable; it’s a tricky balance to get right. But, perhaps even more importantly, they need to be supportive.

Introducing Enda, a Kenyan shoe company that know a thing or two about long distance running.

Enda is a company based in Kenya, a country particularly familiar with running, in the 2016 Olympics the Kenyan delegation got 13 medals; all of which were in track or field. The country has an enviable reputation for producing world-class runners.

Navalayo Osembo and Weldon Kennedy started making running shoes in 2016, the theory was that they could build on the history, culture, and skills of the country to help them produce the best running shoes in the world.

Their initial Kickstarter campaign resulted in the Enda Iten, a great shoe for fast runs and even easy runs. But, Enda knows that to be the best running you can be, you need to do long distance runs as well; for this, they’ve created a new running shoe; a game-changer: the Lapatet.

Why this running shoe could be game changing

Distance running requires an exceptionally comfortable, supportive, and lightweight shoe. The Lapatet, from Enda, is extremely lightweight, it is made in Kenya and offers fantastic value for the quality and price. It weighs just 9.2oz.

The Lapatet is designed to be a daily trainer; you should be able to do most of your running with this one shoe. It’s comfortable and supportive, but, most importantly, it has sole.

The sole is a high-rebound ethylene-vinyl acetate, (EVA) designed uniquely by the company. It will ensure you have plenty of bounce with every step, reducing the risk of impact-related injuries. In addition, the high level of bounce will ensure that you can spring into the next step; regardless of the terrain, you’re running on.

However, there is more to the sole than this high-rebound EVA, a firmer EVA component is used in the heel to ensure your foot is well supported as you run. This should help you to run for longer without getting foot fatigue; increasing your run length is essential to building endurance and becoming the runner you want to be.

Although this is fantastic engineering, this is not the best part of the shoe! The Lapatet has a game-changing 6mm drop between heel and forefoot.  The majority of running shoes on the market have 10-12mm drops; the principle behind this is that most runners hit the ground with their heel first. The larger drop reduces the chance of an Achilles injury. However, striking the ground with your heel first is generally a sign that you’re over-striding, which is not efficient and increases the risk of injury.

By reducing the drop of the trainer Enda are giving some Achilles relief while encouraging a shorter stride; which will result in a much more favorable mid-foot strike.

In short, the Lapatet should help you to run more comfortably, build your stamina levels, and reduce your risk of injuries. That’s a lot of pluses for a small startup in Kenya to place in a revolutionary new running shoe!

You’ll also find that the upper of this shoe has been created with 3D knitting and specific reinforcements. The result is a shoe that fits like a sock, improving comfort while reducing the risk of blisters and other rubbing injuries.

How you can get involved in the Kickstarter project

The Lapatet is a game changer, backed by the experiences of hundreds of Kenyan runners training in the highlands of Kenya.

But, this is still a new company, it doesn’t have the funds to mass produce these running shoes. You can help these shoes reach the market and benefit from a pair yourself by joining their Kickstarter project.

A pledge of US $100 will get you your own pair, delivered in January 2020; that’s cheaper than any comparative competitor.

Alternatively, you can inspire the company by pledging  US $150 and getting the shoes plus a 20% discount on their products for life.

In fact, there is an array of options designed to get you involved in this project while benefitting from these impressive game-changing shoes. From pledging US $280 and getting 3 pairs of shoes, to pledging US $5,000 and getting the opportunity to visit Iten, train with Enda elite athletes, and meet some Kenyan running legends. You can even visit the factory and see how the shoes are made!

Interesting Extra Facts About The Lapatet

The word ‘Lapatet’ in Kalenjin means run; it’s the language of the Kenyan people that make up most of the greatest athletes this country has had.

The waves on the Lapatet are inspired by the waves of the ocean, the grass, and even the clouds in the sky.

You’ll note the small floral pattern on the heel strap, this is inspired by kitenge prints which are worn in Kenya on celebratory days.

Turn your Lapatet over and you’ll see a groove on the bottom of your shoe; this is actually a topographical imprint of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley; where top athletes from around the world train.

Finally, the word ‘Harambee’ is printed into the sole. This is the national motto of Kenya and means that the best results are achieved when everyone pulls together.

That’s a symbol of the Kenyan spirit, the community effort that has brought this company to life, and the wider community that supports the development of the game-changing running shoe, the Lapatet.

View this product at endasportswear.com