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Bigfoot Fire Table: the best place to gather

This American company has created the Bigfood Fire Table out of a passion for outdoor leisure  The Bigfood Fire table is an outdoor coffee table that with a click transforms into a warm campfire This table has been hand-made in the Pacific Northwest using Western Red Cedar trees, which has been built on a strong and lightweight stainless steel endoskeleton  The stainless steel burner is powered by your onboard 20 gallon BBQ propane tank or natural gas How does the fire work This Fire Table  has all custom-made stainless steel interior structural components and a modern push button piezoelectric ignition system with variable flame intensity and thermocouple shut off This means that all you need to do a flick a switch to turn on the fire  How has the wood been preserved The Bigfood Fire table has been preserved using a Japanese method called ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ This method involves charring the wood to make it more pest, weather and fire... Read More