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Check out this Chinese multifunction hot pot cooker that doubles as a skillet as well 🔥

Its time to raise your game with cooking. Its time to unleash the Asian chef in you. Not only can you use this cooker to make vegetables as a soup but it can also be used to cook meats too. The device comes with various heat settings so you can set to what you truly want. You can eat alone but also enjoy with friends for a truly fun experience. Its also easy to clean so that is always a win-win!

This multi-electric hot pot that is perfect for fish 🐟, soups 🍜, meats🍖 and even porridge 🥣

If you are looking to mix up your cooking a bit then this hot pot is the ultimate tool. Whether you are on your own and want a quiet night in with a soup or if you have guests around, this hot pot cooking is a fun and entertaining way to cook up a real feast. One of my favourite dishes is putting in a fish and eating it as a rich stocky soup. This hot pot was a strong and solid purchase and I am happy with it.

Check out this electric hot pot combo cooker with non-stick grill

Being someone from the left and visiting China really opened my eyes up to just how different cooking is. One thing that really attracted me was hot pot cooking and the first thing I did when I got back home was get an electric hot pot cooker. This one I purchased and I haven't looked back. Not only is it a fun activity to do with the family but its great to actually try out new foods and experiences. Well worth it. Give it a go. This was the model I bought.

Buyer’s Guide to Electric Hot Pots

Now that they are becoming increasingly popular, we can choose from a variety of hot pots – from the traditional copper hot pots, regular pots accompanied by a table top butane burner, to electric hot pots This guide covers electric hot pots and helps you choose the best for your needs! How to choose the right electric hot pot Here are some of important points to have in mind when choosing a shabu-shabu hot pot: Shape You can choose between a divided and undivided pot Divided pot will let you make two completely different hot pot meals at the same timeSize and depth Depending on how many people you usually host, choose a hot pot with capacity to feed allMaterial Whether you opt for stainless steel or ceramic titanium, you may want your dish to have non-stick coating for easy cleaning If there is no such coating, cleaning may require some scrubbingHandles As the hot pot will be placed on a table surrounded by people, you want it to be as safe as possible Check the handles... Read More

Shabu Shabu: What is hot pot cooking and why is it becoming more and more popular?

What is a hot pot A hot pot is a type of hot meal originally from China, though widely spread across Asia including Japan and Korea The Chinese name for this meal, huǒguō, translates to ‘fire-pot’, whereas Japanese name shabu-shabu translates to ‘swish-swish’, an onomatopoeic representation of swishing around the pot using chopsticks until the meat is fully cooked Though to a Westerner the Chinese and Japanese hot pots may look the same but do differ in significant ways There are three things a hot pot consists of The pot - Placed on an electric or gas stoveRaw vegetables -Usually added are carrots, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, and other green leafy veggies, although you are welcome to add any vegetables of your choiceRaw meat - Most famously thin pieces of beef, but also goat, lamb, or seafood work well for people Dipping sauces - Such as ponzu and sesame or garlic sauce You may struggle to find these in your local supermarket so head to your nearest Asian store or... Read More