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Hims: A new brand of skin and health products for men that you should check out.

Hims is all about making male wellness easy and affordable Hims wants to end male taboo about mental and physical health  This company has developed a brand where you can access professional medical information instantly online, specifically designed for men A physician will then prescribe you treatments, supplements and medication as/if required  How does it work Create your own profile  This is where you enter your medical history and your symptoms You will also be asked about your lifestyle and health  Speak with a physician about your symptoms, medical history and general health Here you will be offered advice and treatment to improve your lifestyle  Free delivery of your products that have been recommended to you by a physician  Which parts of male health does Hims cover Hims offer medical advice for all aspects of male health and welfare including: HairSkinSexAnxietyOnline therapy Genital herpes  What makes Hims... Read More