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Check out the new Y! Compact Dashcam

This compact dash camera is small yet rich with smart features The exterior of the product has a good quality build and is equipped with excellent and up-to-date technology suitable for any type of vehicle and for any modern driver It captures images in high definition and in 1080p resolution and also features a 130-degree angle lens that captures wide coverage of its surrounding with crystal clear quality It is also equipped with night vision technology that has highly sensitive imaging and is able to capture vivid footages even in low-lighting settings With the modern lens it uses, the glare from headlights is also significantly reduced, which is a helpful feature especially for drivers in accident-prone areas and serves as a substitute vision for navigating the road Its software is also well developed and is well supported, all you have to do is download the app on the app store and once you set it up you can easily access your files on your phone You will also be able... Read More

Check out this cool Dashcam with Night vision

For a vehicle owner like me, a good quality dashcam is completely necessary Be it for insurance purposes or for capturing moments you wouldn’t anticipate, dash cams are an absolute must-buy It adds a layer of security for your car, especially from car theft or accidents That’s why with all the dash cams available out there in the market, choosing a good quality product that is a good investment and worth the money is important As a vehicle owner myself, I would say that I am certainly picky and would only choose a product that is up to my standards I am glad to say that this dash cam fits the bill, and I consider it one of the safest choices out there This product is made of good quality material, with strong build and features that are constituents of a good functional dashcam The package comes with comprehensive manual and instructions, all easy to read and follow The installation process is quick and easy The camera records high resolution and high-quality media with a... Read More

70mai Modern Rearview dashcam

This dashcam is a brilliant choice for my car It has all the good features that I am looking for when purchasing a dash camera It is equipped with excellent and top-grade technology fit for the needs of a modern driver like me It features a dual camera, one for the front and one for the rear Both cameras are capable of recording 1080p high-resolution images with its wide-angle 135-degree lens and is able to capture crystal clear quality of footage regardless of the weather with its waterproofing feature Equipped with SONY IMX307, the technology of the super night vision camera is also excellent and top-grade, so you don’t have to worry about capturing blurry mages or recording unrecognizable footage because the glare is significantly reduced with its feature The lens is also flexible and is rotatable up to 360 degrees, it can fit any rear-view mirrors perfectly with no problem and is highly compatible with any models You can also easily access the files through the app A... Read More

Useful dashcam – 70mai with night vision

This Sony dash camera is the best way to keep you and your family safe when you are driving. It safely records everytime you turn it on so that you will never have a dispute about driving again. It even has a nifty night vision feature so that you can still use it in the dark!

RAC 1.8″ HD display dash cam


The RAC dash camera will give you piece of mind while you are driving as it records everything which can then be viewed via a smartphone or on a computer. This nifty product will end of driving disputes as you will have evidence of exactly what happened while you are driving. This safety feature is a great way give your loved ones piece of mind 🚗