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Mons Mist: Conditioning spray for pubic hair and skin

Mons Mist have created a new trend embracing the female body hair revolution Flamingo has produced an affordable mist for pubic hair and skin in sensitive areas for women  Mons Mist advertises that it hydrates these areas and skin at all stages of growth which also prevent painful ingrown hairs   Is Mons Mist safe to use As with all vaginal products, Mons Mist is pH neutral This product has also been tested by dermatologists and gynaecologists for all skin types It’s key ingredients are Jojoba oil, coconut oil and botanical extracts which are known safe products for all areas What are the benefits of using Mons Mist If you prefer to not shave or use waxing products, you can expect softer hair from using Mons Mist If not, you can expect a more comfortable regrowth period  It is a subtle exfoliation to allow hair follicles to absorb water more easily  Mons Mist also has a light lavender scent How does the application of Mons Mist... Read More