What is Scent by Mail?

Scent by mail is a subscription box that can be delivered to your door, it can be ordered every month or you can select 3, 6, or 12 months. You can treat yourself or even gift it to a friend.

What is in the box?

There is a range of boxes starting with the scent explorer box which contains 3 items, the second box is the scent enthusiast box containing 5 items. The third and last box is the scent extraordinaire which has 7 items. All boxes will contain a scented candle and home fragrance products. With the 5 and 7 item boxes coming with a free starter kit.

How much is the subscription?

The scent explorer box is £15.00 per month, the scent enthusiast box costs £20.00 per month and the extraordinaire box is £25.00 per month. All boxes have post and packaging added on and this costs £2.95. All 3 of these plans can be cancelled at any time. There is a saving of 25% on the RRP on all subscriptions.

What is in the starter kit?

The 5 piece subscription starter kit contains a cello white melt burner plus a 10 pack of unscented tea lights. The 7 piece subscription starter kit has a cello white melt burner and a 10 pack of unscented tea lights, it also contains a wax lyrical frosted votive holder. These starter kits are worth over £13.00.

Do I have to subscribe?

You don’t need to subscribe, you can try out their one-off boxes which start at £18.99 and go up to £25.00. These can be great one-off gifts.

When will I receive my boxes?

Within the UK, the first box of your subscription should arrive between 5-8 working days from placing your order. If you start your subscription between the 1st and the 14th of the month then your second box will be delivered on the 1st of the next month. If you subscribe between the 15th and the 31st of the month then your second box will be delivered to you in the first week of the next month. After the first 2 months, your boxes will be delivered to you during the first week of every month.

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