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Discover the best Day: February 10, 2020

POWERUP 4.0: Check out this paper airplane that is controlled by a smartphone.

POWERUP 40 has launched a new technology to create smartphone controlled paper airplanes They have upgraded your standard paper airplane you used to make in school to allow DIYers to create their own which can do tricks while flying You can create your own plane design from home to use with this new technology How does it work Fold and create your own paper airplane using POWERUP 40 designsAttach the module technology to your designControl your device with your smartphone and watch it fly How does the technology work POWERUP 40 has created 2 new sensors for your standard airplane This includes: Gyro and accelerometer Two thrust vectoring motors These features allow your paper airplane to fly through the use of a smartphone application What does this technology do While you might not understand the technical details behind this new design, the technology will enable: Easier aerobatics, so that you can do more tricks with easeA built-in wind... Read More